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Green Star Juicers: A Twin Gear Juicer At Its Best

Green Star JuicersGreen Star juicers are among the best twin gear juicers on the market because they come already equipped with the attachments needed to increase their functionality.

Depending on what model you select you could make your own juice in the morning then whip up fresh pasta for a homemade dinner in the evening. You could even make your own frozen desserts and create delicious dough for cookies, pies, and whatever else you love to bake.

Tribest Green Star Juicer 3000
Regular price: $569.00
Sale Price: $499.95

The entry level Green Star 1000 twin gear juicer as above comes with a few accessories, but to get all the attachments to make your Green Star juicer fully functional as a food processor you will need to purchase the 2000 or 3000 models.

With all three of these Green Star juicers you will receive:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Food processor as well as juicing
  • Ability to juice leafy greens and herbs
  • Less pulp
  • More nutrients in the juice

The Green Star Elite juicer also offers all of that, plus tons more!

How do you know which of these Green Star juicers is best for your home? Here are a few tips to help you match your needs and expectations with the right twin gear juicer for your home:

  • The Tribest Green Star Juicer 1000 is the most economical and is great for those on a budget. Just remember it doesn't come with all of the attachments needed to make pasta and perform other food processing duties. It will serve more as a basic twin gear juicer.
  • The Tribest Green Star Juicer 2000 is the mid-level model that functions as a great twin gear juicer with some food processing capabilities. It is the perfect option if you want more functionality but don't want to invest in the higher priced Green Star juicers just yet.
  • The Tribest Green Star Juicer 3000 and Green Star Elite are the top end models that will give you the most power for your money. They are definitely worth the investment for anyone who wants to do more than just juice.

When selecting any twin gear juicer it is important to keep functionality in mind. Instead of just thinking of it as a juicer, think of it as a multi-functional small kitchen appliance. You can give your Green Star juicers a primary placement on your kitchen counter and use it every single day to create healthy treats and get meals started.

You can also save a lot of money by purchasing Green Star juicers. You can buy very cheap basic supplies from the grocery store and create your own pasta and other foods for much less than you would pay for them from the store prepackaged. Plus, they won't have all of the preservatives that are found in our packaged foods today so they will be much healthier for your body.

It isn't that difficult to select between these Green Star juicers if you think about what each one is capable of doing and select the one that best fits your needs at this time and in the future. If there is any chance you will need a good food processor in the future, save some money and just purchase one of these twin gear juicers today! 


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