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Choosing The Best Juicer Machine For You

Juicer By TypeWhen you're first looking to buy a new juicer machine or are looking to upgrade from your current juicer, it's important to first identify your needs. Everyone juices for different reasons, some do it a few times a week, others do it every day of the year.

Depending on what type of juicer you are, you should be looking closer at certain types and models of juicing machines. Below is a list of categories with suggestions that fit your juicing personality.

So what type of juicer are you?

Brand New to Juicing

If you are brand new to juicing you are someone who has little or no experience with juicing and you probably have lots of questions. It's important to find a simple and easy-to-use juicer. If your just starting out The Centrifugal Juicers we have to choose from would be perfect for you.

These juicers are typically less expensive than the other types and you can get them here for as little as $99 with a decent warranty. These juicers work by shredding the fruit or vegetable that is being juiced, then spinning the pulp in a strainer compartment very fast, speeds from 3600 RPM on up to 13,000 so that the juice is pushed outside the basket (where it is generally funneled out of the machine and into a container).

Budget Conscious Juicer

A budget conscious juicer maybe a person who has little or a fair amount of experience with juicing, but who wants to spend as little as possible on their juicing machine. Another aspect of budget conscious juicing is that they may also want to spend as little as possible on the fruits and vegetables to be juiced. If this describes you, then make sure to choose a juicer machine that can handle the budget-friendly favorites; apples and carrots, which any juicer available could do.

Daily Juicer

A daily juicer is often someone who is serious about food and serious about their health. Daily juicers are often vegan or vegetarian, and sometimes subscribe to a raw food philosophy. These individuals often choose juicing machines that have strong and sturdy engines, so they can stand up to the demands of daily juicing. Our Masticating Juicers are a perfect option for anyone who juices on a daily basis.

Wheatgrass Juicer

Some people would describe wheatgrass as an acquired taste. If you want to include wheatgrass in your juicing routine, you'll want to look at our Wheatgrass Juicers . We offer manual and electric wheatgrass juicers at great prices, wheatgrass offers so many benefits and should be added into your healthy lifestyle.

Commercial Use Juicer

If you own a juicing bar or just offer juices to your customers you will need a commercial grade juicer to get the job done. These individuals need juicing machines that can handle any type of fruit or vegetable that's on the menu, and also handle being used many times every day. We offer great Commercial Grade Juicers and guarantee the lowest prices. If you need to replace your current unit or are purchasing a new one we will make sure it's the perfect machine for your business.

Top-of-the-Line Juicer

Finally, some people just want the best in all things, including their juicer. As with any type of product, there are juicers to fit just about any budget. These high end juicers have a high return on your investment because they have amazing juice yields (the amount of produced used for the juice). The higher the juice yield the less produce you will need to use, which in turn puts more money in your pocket. Along with great juice yields high end juicers come with 10-15 year warranties. If this sounds like your category take a look at our Twin Gear Juicers.

Whichever type of juicer you are, be sure to consider your needs and research your options. When you're ready to buy, look to a trusted vendor or resource when you make your purchase.

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