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Why Everyone Should Be Drinking Wheatgrass Juice

Quick Guide to Wheatgrass Juicers
You know that green leafy vegetables are essential to a healthy, disease-free, energetic body. Unfortunately, you also know how difficult it can be to get the high concentrations of green leafy vegetables on a daily basis that is required to benefit from their nutrients. That is why people who care about fighting off disease, losing weight, or just living an eco-friendly lifestyle are now investing in Wheatgrass Juicers.

A wheatgrass juicer in your kitchen makes it much easier to take in high concentrations of wheatgrass as well as other leafy green vegetables on a daily basis. This means a wheatgrass juicer makes it easier to fight off disease, inflammation, and energy deprivation that you may otherwise suffer through.

Let's take a look at what wheatgrass is and how you can use it in your own home to boost your own health, look your best, feel your best, and function your best in daily life.

Yes, wheatgrass has the power to do all of that when it is consumed regularly!

What Is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is a completely natural whole grain that falls within the family of grains typically used to make cereal. Think about rye, barley, and oats. The grasses that produce these grains are closely related to the wheatgrass that you push into wheatgrass juicers to boost your overall health.

Wheatgrass gets its name from its natural properties. It is a wheat plant, but in the early stages of growth it looks much like the grass you work hard to grow out in your front lawn. It is lush, soft, and very bright green when grown in a healthy manner with proper amounts of oxygen and water.

Wheatgrass was originally consumed after early day research proved it could help goats and other animals recover from illness.

Today, it is praised for its long list of health benefits, including:
  • Prevention of heart disease.
  • Fighting off cancerous cells.
  • Overcoming constipation.
  • Regulating the digestive tract.
  • Cleansing the liver.

  • Look around and you will find many people crediting wheatgrass juice with amazing health benefits from stopping the loss of hair to helping relieve the discomforts of menopause.

    Growing Your Own Wheatgrass

    One of the biggest downfalls to using a wheatgrass juicer having to purchase flats of fresh wheatgrass from an outside source. This can be expensive and in many small communities it may not be readily available. That is why more people are starting to make their own wheatgrass at home.

    This is a cost effective solution that also saves a lot of time over browsing stores for fresh product.

    Growing your own wheatgrass organically can be time consuming and tricky unless you purchase a wheatgrass grower that does the hard work for you. These products perfectly control the amount of water and oxygen that the growing wheatgrass receives so you come out with perfect flats of wheatgrass every single time.

    Using a growing machine will cut down the chances of seeds turning to mold and giving the final product a foul taste, which can happen when you try to grow your own wheatgrass on your own.

    Consuming Wheatgrass

    Wheatgrass is not something that you want to just pull up from the tray and munch down on. You need to process the final product through a wheat grass juicer. Most regular juicers do not work well with wheatgrass because of the tiny veins in the plant that must be crushed in order to release the nutrient-dense goodness hiding inside.

    It is important to purchase a wheatgrass juicer that either only juices wheatgrass or which can juice a wide variety of vegetables and fruits with special settings or attachments for leafy greens like wheatgrass.

    You can take shots of pure wheatgrass juice or you may want to mix it into a juice blend of fruits and/or vegetables that you put together in your home. You don't want to use bottled fruit juice as it is not organic or entirely healthy and will take away from the health benefits of the wheatgrass juice delivered.

    Selecting Wheat Grass Juicers

    You want to stick with brand name wheatgrass juicers that are known for producing high quality juices with the maximum amount of nutrient-dense juice possible. You want a wheatgrass juicer that delivers very dry pulp because that will mean more nutrients make it into the actual juice.

    It is also much easier to clean up a wheatgrass juicer that spits out dry pulp! Look for wheatgrass juicers with automatic pulp dispensing such as the and dishwasher-safe parts to ensure juicing fits into your daily life without disrupting your schedule.

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