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Why Masticating Juicers Are So Popular

Why Masticating Juicers Are So Popular
For people who are conscious of their health and who gives priority to a wholesome diet, it is highly crucial to have the proper tools or utensils for food preparation. Obviously, it would be more easy and convenient to prepare one’s food with the use of tools such as grinders, cutleries, knives and many others. While some food items would require no utensil or tool to prepare or consume, some will need such utensils in the process of preparation.

There are fruits and vegetables that can be consumed right away without the need for any special preparation procedures, however. But the fact is that food and vegetables that have undergone processing and preparation seems more appealing both to the sight and taste of its consumer. Thus, the popularity of juicers among homemakers and juice enthusiasts. But apart from its appeal, are there benefits that can be had out of juicing your fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables, by nature, are best consumed raw and fresh. It is a known fact that the process of cooking destroys nutrients and renders food lower in nutritional value, so foods that can be consumed raw are better consumed that way. With regards to fruits and vegetables, juicing is the best way to make the best out of its nutrients. Why is this so? Well, juices make nutrients more readily available for absorption by your digestive tract into the bloodstream. Apart from that, it is easier to consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables when it is juiced rather than consumed whole. Juicing, therefore, is a convenient way of meeting up your dietary requirements for fruits and vegetables. You should, however, remember that while juicing meets up your bodily needs for nutrients, it does not meet your need for dietary fiber, so you should juice to supplement your solid food intake rather than replace it altogether.

In juicing your fruits and vegetables, there are different types of juicers to choose from; namely the centrifugal juicer, the Masticating Juicers, the single auger juicer, and the twin gear juicer. All these types carry with them features that meet different juicing needs. They also come on different price range. Your choice, therefore, will really depend upon the needs you might have when it comes to juicing, as well as your budget.

Masticating juicers, for example, would be the Best Choice Of Juicer if you are looking for a juice that is smooth and less foamy. While the juice that is produced by this type of juicer is better in terms of texture and comes with less pulp than those produced by other juicer types, you also have to be more patient in using it. This so because masticating juicers generally have smaller diameter feed slot. This means that it requires vegetable and fruit stuff to be cut into smaller pieces than is required with other juicer types, and you have to push the pieces inside the juicer in a longer amount of time than is usual. The advantage with a masticating juicer, however, is that you obtain a juice that is not oxidized, is less watery and has a better taste, has its enzymes intact, and thus more nutritious.

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